Taiwanese day

Taiwanese day


I decided to make a few articles about living in Taiwan.

Chinese dumpling. Very delicious.

It is a Chinese dumplings. Chinese dumplings taste totally another than Polish dumplings. Anyway both dishes are very good.

Chinese rice

It’s fry rice with egg and vegetables. It is one of my favourite dishes in Taiwan.

Now,  guess what is it below?



It is not a coffee house.



It is not a club


Coofee Machine

But there is a coffee machine. With water. I have to admit that it was very nice because one can drink warm water. Chinese medicine claims that warm water is the healthiest drinking for our body. I admit that I feel better since when I drink only warm water.

It is a clinic. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture a entirety. I will make it again when I come back to this clinic.


Chinese gate


Taipei has one big advantage. There is a beautiful mountains which I haven’t in my home town :(.

Taiwan- hiking (3) Taiwan- hiking (4)

Taiwan- hiking (2)

It’s a view on a military base.

I think I like calm and fresh air in the mountains.

I write a new articles from Taiwan soon.

Best wishes
Kamil Kuczyński

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